Delivery Delay Notice

  • USA

Due to the surge of arrival mail items in the United States, processing of international mail items from US Postal Service (USPS) through New York (NYC), Chicago (CHI), San Francisco (SFO) Exchange Bureau is delayed.

o Location: United States New York (all international mailings to New York JFK airport), USA
o Target mail: All (EMS, Standard)
o Reason: Severe snowfall in central and northeastern Atlanta, USA
o Delay period: From 18.1.4 to the date of re-announcement of the USPS
o Instructions: May be delayed by at least one month


Please note that international mail (EMS, Standard etc.) delivery to Germany and UK will be delayed.

o Delivery Delays Region: Germany, UK
o Target mail: All (EMS, Standard)
o Delay notice period: 17.12.29 (Immediate) ~
※ It is planned to be announced again when the delay situation is resolved in the future.
* May be delayed about 5 ~ 10 days from the normal delivery date