Please note that serious delays are expected in international flights to New York due to heavy snow, such as flight cancellation, delays in mail processing, and suspension of customs duties.

o Location: United States New York (all international mailings to New York JFK airport), USA
o Target mail: All (EMS, Standard)
o Reason: Severe snowfall in central and northeastern Atlanta, USA
o Delay period: From 18.1.4 to the date of re-announcement of the USPS
o Instructions: May be delayed by at least one month


Please note that international mail (EMS, Standard etc.) delivery to Germany and UK will be delayed.

o Delivery Delays Region: Germany, UK
o Target mail: All (EMS, Standard)
o Delay notice period: 17.12.29 (Immediate) ~
※ It is planned to be announced again when the delay situation is resolved in the future.
* May be delayed about 5 ~ 10 days from the normal delivery date