Are you contacts safe to use?

All of our contact lenses are certified by KGMP, KFDA, ISO 13485 and CE certifications. All of the lenses are manufactured by reputable contact lens manufacturers and tested by our product development team. Having said so, it is also important to follow proper wear and care guide, get a regular eye exam for maintaining good eye health. Please refer instructions for use for more details.

Do I need to send prescription from eye care specialist to buy the contact lenses in COLORCL?

You don’t need to send prescription from eye care specialist to us to buy contact lenses.
In COLORCL, customer should decide their prescription follow the prescription from eye care specialist.
But if you need any help to read it, please contact us by email,
We can help you about it.

In your prescription, if there is any value of SYL and AXIS, or if the SPH contain (+), PLEASE DO NOT ORDER.
This means you have Astigmatism or Hyperopia and we don’t carry for Astigmatism and Hyperopia.
If you need help about this problem, please contact us by email,

What does -0.00 plano means? Do you carry for farsightedness(+) or for astigmatism?

-0.00 (Plano) means nonprescription. So if you don’t need to wear glasses, you can choose -0.00.
We don’t carry for farsightedness and astigmatism. If you need more help, please contact us by email,

Do I need an account to place an order?

You can place your order without sign in but for your convenience, we recommend to place an order after sign in.

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please click ‘Lost Password?’ in log in page and follow the instructions.

If you don’t remember what your email address that you used to sign in, please contact us by email,

What duties & Taxes that I need to pay more?

Customs and taxes are different for each country, but it is same that receiver should pay for the customs fee when the package arrived in your country.
But for customers who live in countries that has low tax-free-limit, we modify the price. Nevertheless, if customs fee is charged, it is unfortunate but receiver should pay for it.

What if I have different prescription for both eyes?

Please follow below process to get different prescription for 1 product.

  1. Check if your both prescription is in the options.
  2. Add cart the products what you want with one of your prescription and go to cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and write ‘Order Note’ what prescriptions you want.
    (For example, Please send -1.00/-2.00 for my different prescription, thank you!)
  4. COLORCL will check your order note and send it as your request.
How do I change shipping address of my order?

After place your order, you can’t change shipping address yourself. Also, it is not available to change your shipping address after ship out.
If you need any help about this problem, please contact us by email, ASAP.

Can I add items to an existing order?

After place your order, you can’t add any products in your order. If you want change your order, you should cancel and reorder.

How can I find the confirmation email?

Please check your mailbox of email address that you put in billing details when place order.
Mail may be in a place other than your regular inbox, such as spam or promotions. If there is no confirmation email, your order might not be placed well.
For sure, please contact us by email,