COLORCL is in South Korea and work on Monday~Friday, working time is 09:00~18:00 (GMT+9).

Also our service center work same.

1. Add cart

2. Proceed to checkout and pay

▶ If by standard shipping

Standard shipping by post office do not hand the package 1:1. Customer should track and check mailbox often.

▶ If by express shipping

Express shipping by DHL will hand the package 1:1. So if you want PO Box deliver, do not choose express shipping.

3. System automatically handle the order as:

▶ If paid with PayPal

COLORCL system make your order processing when payment is confirmed by PayPal.

▶ If paid with Credit Card

① COLORCL system make your order on-hold until payment is confirmed by bank.

② If,

a) customer’s bank is permit the payment immediately, our system will make order processing.

b) customer’s bank does not permit during payment time, our system will make order on-hold.

③ Our staff check every on-hold and make processing at the morning of every working day.

* If check order and it’s canceled but payment got out of account, please contact

4. COLORCL system send confirmation e-mail to your e-mail address in billing details.

5. Our staff check orders and process the packing and shipment in every working day.

6. Post office pick up the package (On Monday~Friday, 17:00 PM) and DHL pick up the package. (On Tuesday~Thursday 1 pm and Friday 3 pm)

7. COLORCL system send e-mails to let customer know the tracking number.