1. Check your prescription

Check your prescription from your eye care specialist.
You should check Prescription(Diopter), DIA(Diameter) and BC(Base Curve).
(Example: SPH -1.00, DIA 14.2mm, BC 8.6mm)
If you have (+) value in your prescription like OS +1.00, OD +1.25, it means you have farsightedness.
If you have SYL, AXIS like OS -1.00 (-1.25, 170), OD -1.00 (-1.50, 180), it means you have nearsightedness and astigmatism.
Unfortunately COLORCL do not carry for farsightedness and astigmatism so in this case we do not recommend our products.
For sure, please contact us by email,

2. Choose products

Choose the product you want to purchase and then select the prescription checked in process 1.
When check color, we recommend you to check the Youtube review, the picture of real-fitting-shot and review in product page.

3. Add cart

4. Check the items in the cart

Check if the color, prescription and quantity is right.

5. Apply coupon code (optional)

6. Proceed to checkout

7. Fill billing details

Check your email address twice because confirmation email and tracking number email will be sent to the email address that you put in the billing details.

8. Fill shipping details

Check the checkbox 🔲Ship to different address? if you want ship to other address with billing details.
After check the checkbox, new place to put shipping detail will be showed, put shipping details.

9. Write order note (optional)

10. Choose delivery method

Delivery method is vary by country. Choose delivery method you want.
Standard and EMS is by post office. DHL express is by DHL express.
•In case of Standard, delivery will take 7~30 days after ship out and delivered to PO box or front door. (6.3 ~ 7.5 USD, vary by country)
•In case of EMS, delivery will take 3~14 days after ship out and delivered to receiver with signature. (28 ~ 31 USD, vary by country)
•In case of DHL, delivery will take 3~5 days after ship out and DHL will deliver the package the way receiver requested. DHL will contact you when the package arrive in your country to communicate about delivery. (28 ~ 40 USD, vary by country)

11. Choose payment method

Choose Paypal or Credit card. When selecting this option at checkout, you will be directed to the secure payment site to enter your card information. Once the transaction is complete, you will return to ‘ORDER COMPLETE’ page so you can check your order details again.

12. Agree with terms&conditions

Click the red ‘terms&conditions‘, scroll down to the bottom and click ‘I AGREE’

13. Place order

14. Complete payment

15. Find confirmation email

Find confirmation email in your mailbox. The confirmation email may be in a place other than your regular inbox, such as spam or promotions.

16. Check confirmation email

Check if the color, prescription and quantity is right. Also Check shipping address, phone number and email address is right.
If there is no confirmation email, your order might not be placed well. For sure, please contact us by email,

17. Wait for the preparation

We ship from our warehouse in South Korea. From Monday to Friday, preparation time is maximum 48 hours except holiday.
Please note this can take longer during our sale periods and if an item you ordered is out of stock order processing times may be delayed. Orders are processed Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 6.00pm GMT+9 (Korea Time). Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday GMT+9 (Korea Time) will be processed Monday GMT+9 (Korea Time).

18. Check tracking number email

COLORCL send tracking number email when the package picked up by delivery company.

19. Track the package (often)

In case of standard shipping, post office do not hand the package person to person, so customer should track it often.

20. Delivery completed