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Q) How can I get a discount?

A) There are a total of three coupon codes for this event. And all three coupon codes can be used at the same time. You can get a discount if you apply the coupon code on the checkout page.


Q) What is the coupon code and how is the discount applied?

A) FRIDAY11, FRIDAY21 and FRIDAYOFF. Each coupon code applies to different products and has different discount rate.

** Discount will be applied sequentially in order of high discount rate
** For coupon code of 1+1 and 2+1 can be used for certain products
** 15 off coupon code is for all contact lenses

Q) Can I use the coupon code all at once?

A) All three coupon codes for this event can be used at once. Which means, you can apply all three coupon code at the same order. However, it cannot be used with other coupon codes that are not applicable to this event.


Q) I placed several orders from different account. Can you combine the packages and send them at once?

A) It is not available to combine orders because there is a coupon code that cannot be used together. Therefore, it is difficult to combine multiple orders placed from multiple accounts into one box. If you need these services for any special reason, please contact the customer service center at support@colorcl.com.