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Q) How can I get a discount?

A) Select two packs of any weekly, monthly, or daily lens pack and put them in the cart. Then, proceed to checkout. Apply the coupon code [AugustRush], and the discount will automatically be applied. The discount code will automatically make the lower priced product of the two, free.  And the discount can be applied multiple times. For example, if you add 4 packs of the items offered in the sale to your cart and apply the discount code, you will pay for 2 of the products and the other two will be free.  


Q) What about the free ColorMe Gel Nail pack?

A) For each purchase made using the coupon code, a random design from our ColorMe Gel Nail line will be included in the package. It is limited to one free pack per order. 


Q) Can I get separate prescriptions for the weekly, monthly, and dailies?

A) Separate prescriptions are not available for the weekly, monthly, and daily multipacks. If you would like separate prescriptions, then one pack for each eye in the same color and design should be put in your cart. 


Q) Are Siesta Clear lenses also included in the sale?

A) Yes, they are. However, please keep in mind that separate prescriptions are not available for these as well. Each pack can only be one prescription.