* Common things

  1. The colors seen on the product pages may be different from those of the actual products received due to the variance in displays and monitors used by customers. Also, the colors of the products also depend on the unique color of an individual’s eyes.
  2.  It is not necessary to submit a prescription for an order, but COLORCL shall not be held liable for mistakes caused by misreading the prescription.
    If you need our help to read your prescription, please feel free to contact us via our Contact-Us page heading 'Prescriptions'. 
  3. Customers with prescriptions that list any value of CYL and AXIS, or SPH containing (+) should not order COLORCL Contacts. These values mean that customers have Astigmatism or Hyperopia, which COLORCL Contacts are not suitable for.

* Prescription

  1. In some countries or states that require a prescription for online lens purchases, customer must send the prescription to receive the lenses.
  2. If you are purchasing a product with prescription, please complete the purchase at our online store and send the prescription to support@colorcl.com
  3. If customer purchase without confirming that the country or state of receiver's address requires prescription submission to receive parcel, the parcel may be returned, and refund will be only processed for the amount excluding the shipping cost.

* Taxes & Duties

  1. All import taxes and duties are billed to the recipient of each shipment, meaning that customers are responsible for paying all customs-related fees. If the customer does not receive the package because the tax was required and is returned, only the product fee excluding shipping charge will be refunded. 
  2. If the package gets held up by the customs office of the recipients country, and a fee is required to receive the package, COLORCL is not responsible for the fees and not liable to reimbursing the customer for deciding to pay for the fees. Customers have a choice in such cases either to abandon the package or pay the fees to accept it. Customs cannot legally force customers to accept a package and/or pay the fees of a package that was sent by another party. In most cases, packages are abandoned, in which case COLORCL will refund the purchase amount excluding the shipping fee as mentioned above. It is the responsibility of the customer to be wary of their countries customs regulations in regards to taxes and duties.By purchasing from the COLORCL shop, customers are agreeing to take responsibility for any and all taxes that arise from having the products sent to their country.   

* Delivery

  1. It is not possible to redirect an order to another address after it has been shipped out. In the case of DHL express, change the address may be possible upon request by local consignee, but this will incur a fee to the shipper. In such cases, COLORCL may demand an amount for the fee from the receiver, which may result in legal action if not complied with.
  2. Nothing can be changed after it has been shipped, include zip code, apartment number, city, etc. Therefore, if any details are missing such as apt number, street number, COLORCL is not responsible for a refund or free exchange.
  3. COLORCL is responsible for shipping to the address that customer provided when ordering within the maximum delivery time that COLORCL offers. However, if customer place an order without checking the maximum delivery time and have to move or change the address during shipment, COLORCL is not responsible for the issue.
  4. DHL express delivers the package to the receiver directly. If the customer choose the 'Front door' option, COLORCL and DHL express are not responsible for the missing after delivery.
  5. Tracking after ship-out is customer's responsibility. Please track your order often to prevent missing after it has been delivered.



Common Policy

COLORCL is responsible for any factory defects and will replace defective products or refund the purchases.
However, COLORCL does not provide free exchanges or refund services in the following cases:

a) Ordering errors and wrong shipping addresses
b) Choosing the wrong prescription by misreading prescriptions
c) Simple remorse by customer
d) Items are damaged or contaminated after they have been received by the recipient.

In the above cases, customers are responsible for the return shipment fees. Please check the details in the Exchanges & Refunds sections of FAQ.

To prevent such errors, COLORCL sends order confirmations to the email addresses specified by customers during checkout.
Please look over the order confirmation thoroughly after placing an order.


Product issues

If you have any problems with the products you have received or are simply dissatisfied with our service, please contact us within 7 days upon reception of the order. Our support staff is standing by to help resolve any issues you may have. Please email our support staff, support@colorcl.com

Tip. We can help you faster if you send us a pictures of the defective product and blister label.

** If there is any issue with the product, please do not throw away the product and contact us first.


Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellation and refund are possible before the order is shipped out from our distribution center that is located in Korea.

However, nothing can be changed if the order is already shipped out from our distribution center in Korea. If you want to exchange or refund for the order that has already been shipped out from the distribution center in Korea, please check Exchange&Return section below.

Cancellation during shipment is also not possible. Please check the Confirmation email after ordering to avoid order errors.


Exchanges & Returns

Exchanges & Returns are only applicable for unopened blister packaging. Customers have 7 days upon reception of their order to request and an exchange from our COLORCL staff. For defective products, please check the Product Issue section.

If a customer is dissatisfied with a purchase and would like to request an exchange, the return shipment fees are the responsibility of the customer. However, COLORCL will cover the costs of shipping back a different product to the customer.

*Please note that exchanges are only applicable for unopened blister packaging. Exchanges will be processed after the items have been received and checked at the COLORCL distribution center

Tracking numbers for the return shipments should be emailed to

https://colorcl.com/pages/contact-us with the heading ‘Return Tracking Num/Exchange’


Returns & Refunds

If a customer is dissatisfied with a purchase and would like to return it and request a refund, the customer is responsible for the return shipment fees.

*Please note that Returns/Refunds are only applicable for unopened blister packaging. Returns/Refunds will be processed after the items have been received and checked at the COLORCL distribution center

Tracking numbers for the return shipments should be emailed to https://colorcl.com/pages/contact-us with the heading ‘Return Tracking Num/RetRefund’

**Please note that refunds are only available for the product fee. Shipping fee that customer paid when place order is not refundable.


Shipping Policy

Standard Shipping and EMS express are services provided by the post office.
DHL express service is provided by DHL Global


◈ Daily Packaging Start Time / Courier Pick Up Time

Standard Shipping – Every working day at 1 PM / 5 PM
EMS Express – Every working day at 1 PM / 5 PM
DHL Express – Monday to Thursday at 9 AM / 1 PM, Friday at 1 PM / 4 PM

On average, it takes up to 2 business days for orders to be fully processed and shipped out from our distribution center in South Korea. Processing times may be delayed due to holidays, sale periods, and the availability of items.

Operation Hours : Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm GMT+9 (Korea Time)
Processing for orders placed after 1pm Friday and on weekends will start the following Monday.

*Please note that all times listed reflect GMT+9 (Korea Time)



Prescription Verification System

COLORCL is committed to comply to rules and laws of different countries due to the nature of our business.

We have implemented a prescription verification system that is in compliance with US FCLCA (The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act).


1. Copy of your valid contact lens prescription by upload


2. Your eye doctor's name and phone number and allow us to contact them by fax / phone / email to verify the validity of your contact lens prescription

The verification process takes 8 hours and if a response is not delivered from your eye doctor, your contact lens prescription will be assumed as valid and your order will be processed and shipped.