COLORME Nail Strips #10 Copacabana

$8.85 $15


Brand ColorME by ColorCL
Item type Self-Adhesive Gel Nail Strips
Unit 22 High Quality Strips
Tip Size Width 8 ~ 17 mm, Height 25 mm
Additional Nail Prep Wipes, Nail File
Packaging Vacuum Sealed Nail Strips



  • Super Vibrant and Stylish Nail Strips
  • Real Gel Nail Strips made from Real Gel Polish
  • Real UV coated strips and not made of plastic or vinyl material
  • Easy Application and No UV Treatment Necessary
  • Flexible and Adheres perfectly to nails with ingredients that reduce nail damage and improves durability
  • All ingredients certified non-toxic and completely safe for extended use.

Tips for the longest lasting:

  • Store at a room temperature
  • Use immediately after opening
  • Warm the strips using the heat from the palm of your hand or with steam from warm water to make the strips more pliable and flexible
  • Avoid stretching the strips excessively so as not to cause distortion
  • Make sure the nail strips do not overlap or cover the cuticles or skin so that they don’t peel off
  • After application, keep the nails dry for 1~2 hours
  • No need to worry about being neat with a nail file, you can just use a nail clipper to trim off excess. Then, you can press the edges firmly with your finger

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