Who We Are

With over 15 years in the contact lens and eye glasses industry, our company brings together a collective of eye care specialists, designers, and leading cosmetics and contact lens manufacturers with a singular goal in mind; to provide customers with a new way of seeing themselves.Founded in 2016, Color CL specializes in the sales, distribution, and manufacturing of colored contact lenses and cosmetics. Based in South Korea, Color CL has firmly established its presence in global e-commerce, providing products to all the major markets in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

What We Believe

Our company believes in the old adage, “The customer knows what’s best.” With that in mind, we carefully listen to consumers and pay close attention to what they have to say in regards to design, quality, and even pricing. We also collaborate with online media professionals on platforms such as youtube, instagram, and facebook because we believe they are the new voice of the people.  We strive to produce lenses and cosmetics of the highest quality which are also visually stunning. And above all, we do not allow anything to come before safety. Our specialists work tirelessly to test the safety of all our products to ensure that they not only meet but also go beyond international health and safety standards.

Where We Are Going

Our company would like for our customers to join us in our journey to the future of cosmetics and eye care. We believe that every life-changing product in history started with one simple ideal; To create what people need. Thus, no company would be successful without its customers. Our company has exciting and innovative plans for the future, including expanding our product lines into all areas of cosmetics. And this future will only be possible with the continued support of our customers.