[How to use it]

A. Preparations before use

(1) Follow the instructions for use detailed below or instructions given from an eye doctor before wearing the lenses. 
(2) Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before handling the lenses.

B. How to put on and remove the lenses

(1) When putting on the lenses - Rinse the lenses sufficiently with multipurpose contact lens solution. - Place the lens on the index finger of the right hand, pull down the lower eyelid with the tip of the middle finger, and lift the upper eyelid with the index finger of the other hand to create space for the lens to enter your eyes. -Look in the mirror and slowly move the lens closer to the cornea. Be sure not to close your eyes. - When the lens is correctly placed onto the cornea, slowly release the fingers which were holding open your eyelids.
(2) For removal - look in the mirror and check the position of the lens - Pull the upper eyelid upward with a finger from the left hand, and pull  the lower eyelid downward with the middle finger of the right hand. Then,  hold the lower part of the lens loosely with the thumb and index finger of the right hand. Softly pinch the lens from both ends to remove the lens from the cornea. 

C. Storage and maintenance after use

The following products are disposable 1-day lenses and must be discarded after use, Please "Do not reuse them"

- Color Addict One Day
- Siesta Ultra Moist One Day Clear

The following products can be reused, but can only be used for the period of time specified, starting as soon as the lenses are exposed to air. It is the user's responsibility to properly maintain and clean the lens to ensure the lenses are able to be used for the full length of the wear cycle. 

- Siesta Crystal Weekly Shades: A week
- Siesta Weekly Color: A week
- Siesta Weekly Clear: A week
- Siesta Black Monthly: A month


[Precautions for use]


(1) Stop wearing lenses immediately if the following symptoms occur: -Acute and subacute inflammation or anterior eye infection -All eye diseases affecting the cornea -Dry eye syndrome -If the perception of the cornea is reduced -Systematic diseases that may affect the eyes or worsen with wearing lenses -Mercury or Thimero disinfectant -If irritation is caused by eye irritation, etc.
(2) Eye diseases caused by lenses and lens care products can cause serious damage to the eyes, so you should be thoroughly familiar with the instructions before wearing them, and follow the instructions given. 
(3) Eye diseases such as corneal ulcers can rapidly worsen and cause loss of vision, so if there is discomfort, excessive tear secretion, vision change, or eye congestion, you should stop wearing them and consult an eye doctor.
(4) Do not sleep with the lenses on. 
(5) It is reported that hop softeners have a higher incidence of side effects than non-hop softeners, so please act accordingly. 

[General precautions]

(1) Always use a clean lens care solution and do not use anything other than a lens care solution recommended by an eye care professional. 
(2) If the lens is immobilized and fixed above the eyes, consult an expert immediately.
(3) Be sure to wash and rinse your hands before handling the lens. Be careful of cosmetics, lotion, soap, cream, or deodorant that may come in contact with the lens or the lens becoming contaminated by dust. it will cause irritation to the eyes.
(4) Avoid using aerosol products and close your eyes when using a spray.
(5) Avoid harmful and irritating vapors and smoke while wearing lenses.
(6) Contact an expert for underwater activities or wearing lenses during sports.
(7) Do not remove the lens from the container with tweezers or other instruments other than those specifically designed for handling lenses. 
(8) Avoid touching the lens as much as possible, and put them on with nails that are cut short to avoid making grooves in your eyes or lenses.
(9) Consult a specialist before using eye drops.
(10) Consult a professional before wearing lenses.
(11) Inform your employer of your usage lenses as your place of employment may require eye protection. 
(12) Visit the eye doctor regularly for eye health.
(13) If you feel something is wrong with your eyes, such as congestion or severe pain, consult an expert immediately.
(14) Soft contact lenses for general correction are disposable and are prohibited from being reused.
(15) If eye drops are used while wearing lenses, consult an expert.
(16) Lenses may fall out during heavy exercise so please take caution.
(17) Never wear lenses worn by others.
(18) Wearing lenses for an unreasonably long period of time is harmful to eye health.

[Application Caution]

(1) Remove the lens immediately if the following side effects occur: - Irritation, itching, congestion, or eye pain - foreign body sensation or excessive tear secretion - decreased visibility or light sensitivity - Dry eye
(2) If the above symptoms persist after lens removal, consult an expert.

[Storage method and expiration date]

Store at room temperature and a cool place away from sunlight.
Store for the length of time indicated (expiration date) on each product packaging.