3 Months Use (Maximum)

6 Months Use (Maximum)

Available at $13.5 until 1st September

Best Sellers

Black Color Contacts

Blanc Rosé (Last on sale before discontinuance)

Blue Color Contacts

Brown Color Contacts

Choco Color Contacts

Clear contacts

Color contacts


Cosplay & Halloween

Crystal kit

Diameter 14.0

Diameter 14.2

Diameter 14.3

Diameter 14.5

Diameter 14.7

Glitter Lenses

Graphic Diameter 12.0mm

Graphic Diameter 13.4mm

Graphic Diameter 13.5mm

Graphic Diameter 13.7mm

Graphic Diameter 13.8mm

Gray Color Contacts

Green Color Contacts

Halloween 2+2 [Coupon code: Halloween2020] (Until October 20)

Herrys Blossom (Last on sale before discontinuance)

Hot Items

Last Chance Sale! These collections will be discontinued after October 28th

Lens Case

Lens Solution

Light Color Lenses

Lucid Dream (Last on sale before discontinuance)

Luxury Deco Lens cases

MIMOO Lash Adhesive

MIMOO Lashes

MIMOO Skin Care

Monthly Use

New Arrival

Orange Color Contacts

PC Hydrogel

Pink Color Contacts

Prescription -0.50

Quick Order

Red Color Contacts

Restocked (on Feb. 18)

Siesta Black

Siesta Black Bliss Edition (Launching Discount until May 6, 3 p.m. (Time reflects Korea time)

Siesta Black Monthly

Siesta Crystal

Siesta Original

Siesta Pearl

Siesta Pearl (Limbal ring, Available for -0.50 prescription)

Siesta Sahara

Siesta Sparkle

Siesta Weekly Crystal Shades

Siesta Weekly Original

Silicone Hydrogel

Subtle Color Lenses


Violet Color Contacts

Weekly Use

White Color Contacts

Yellow Color Contacts

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[1+1] Use 'COLORDAYS' Coupon code at checkout!

[CASE] Launching Event (Available until Dec. 27th, 3 p.m. in Korea time)

[New] for a limited time, each pair of choco lenses will be $13.5 (~6/24)

[type] Costume Play & Halloween